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Our Process

Working with Greg and the professionals at The Advisory Group, you will see a six-step process that flows directly from our philosophy of paying attention, acting smart, being prudent and staying in touch - the process we have proven over and over that best serves our clients' needs.

  1. We will have an introductory meeting where we'll acquaint you with our investment approach and methodology. We'll also do a lot of listening.  And if we both agree that The Advisory Group is the appropriate fit for you and your needs, we're on our way to the next step in the process of serving your wealth management goals.

  2. We will continue our discovery process with you in a follow-up meeting in which we'll have a detailed discussion about your retirement income needs, time horizon, your investments and investment history.  We may also review your estate planning goals, your insurance in force (life, health, disability and long-term care) and any other relevant factors such as education planning, business succession planning and so on.  We’ll gather all needed information and also have you fill out Investment Risk Tolerance questionnaires.  Plus, of course, we’ll answer any of your questions at any time.

    This is a most important meeting in that it will give us the direction we need to develop a unique plan and investment program for you based on your current financial situation, the timeline of your needs, goals and your tolerance for risk.

  3. We will analyze what we have learned and present you with a realistic retirement scenario – a “retirement roadmap” based on our discussions, analysis and the use of sophisticated planning software. This will provide you with an honest, realistic picture of when (and whether) the retirement you seek could be possible -- and how you can potentially get there.

    As an example, we will create a plan that shows how your retirement will unfold financially with base assumptions in place (retirement age, future savings, proposed rates of return, desired retirement income levels, inflation rates and so on). We will then model how your retirement plan changes with various assumption changes. Once we agree on a baseline retirement plan, we’ll both be able to see more clearly the investment strategies that may be appropriate to meet your needs. (This process will be repeated for insurance planning, education planning and estate planning as requested or deemed appropriate.)

  4. And then the key step: your advisor will prepare and explain a thoroughly researched, personalized program based on everything they have learned about you, the direction suggested by your retirement roadmap and their knowledge and assessment of the myriad investment alternatives and investment managers at their disposal.

    Your advisor will apply careful and disciplined analysis, using the very latest in investment tools while still respecting a long-term view of market trends past and projected. In so doing, they will avoid “hot,” and often short-lasting, investment fads. Your detailed plan will include Strategic Investment options and explanations for each recommendation.

    The program your advisor presents will be focused on your needs and shepherding your assets for long-term growth according to plan.

  5. With your approval, your advisor will then implement your plan. With all questions answered to your satisfaction, agreements are then signed to open the appropriate investment accounts, and with the funding of those accounts, invest the assets in the agreed-upon investment strategy. In addition, your advisor will guide you in securing any recommended insurance changes or estate planning needs (with an estate planning attorney) if you elected to have us review these areas in detail.  (Note that insurance services are provided through advisors in our Diamond Bar office who are CA licensed insurance agents.  Please see Our Team Bio's for details and disclosures.)

  6. Then the ongoing management begins – and the communication continues. Your advisor will be with you all the way. Your investment management fees include continual account monitoring, tactical adjustments as necessary, allocation re-design and rebalancing as your needs or risk profile change, online account access for you, performance reports, an annual review, occasional email and written commentaries and reports on subjects of interest and more.

    As significant life changes occur or the legal/regulatory landscape changes, we’ll be there to discuss and advise on appropriate updates to your plan as part of our advisory services. (Significant developments and revisions may incur modest additional charges; we’ll review our complete list of services when we meet.)

The Advisory Group respects a philosophy of paying personal attention from Day One on.  Our door is always open and our focus on working toward your success never stops.